Self isolation – sod the beauty regime ‘cos I’m a home schooler.

It’s been four weeks, or is that five? I guess it depends what day you are counting from. Our self isolation effectively kicked off the day my daughter’s school closed to all bu children of key workers.

The day we woke up on that fateful Friday 20 March 2020, I ordered my husband: ‘Tomorrow we isolate, I don’t care what advice is given, we stay indoors for 2 weeks’.

My husband didn’t quite agree with the staying at home entirely thing. He offered to be the one to go out and do the shopping – which became a necessity because – like most people – we couldn’t manage to book our usual monthly online food delivery (FYI I don’t have a slot – I just do one just before the end of the month).

I’m not saying the last few weeks have been easy. Home schooling the two weeks before the Easter school holidays (which straddled the bank holiday(s) was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Teaching is not entirely new to me – I have taught magazine and digital journalism to undergraduates at Harlow College.

Saved by Bitesize

This last week has been harder in many ways but easier in others. It helped we were given a full timetable of work from my daughters’ school. With lots of resources and lots of suggestions for ‘break out’ stuff – BBC’s Bitesize was fabulous – particularly when my two suddenly lost concentration at around 11.30.

We spent a lot of time waiting for the printer at the beginning of the week but we found our groove, the three of us, by the end of it. I think…. My husband’s job is full on but he comes and gives the girls lunch while I take time to do a exercise class.

I’ve been doing either a run spin class first thing in the morning – so this is normally a yoga or stretching break – or just catching up with work. I know I’m lucky having this support – as there are lots of single parents who don’t get that break (and I will be happy to babysit for any of you after this is over so you can have a fantastic night out!).

Anyway I’m not going to wax lyrical about my life in lockdown. It’s not all been roses and there have been tears and tantrums.

However I have realised that having to juggle caring for young children and holding down a full time (sometimes weekends too) job has actually made isolation a bit easier.

Why? Well for a start I gave up going to the beautician years ago. But I didn’t give up on grooming, because I’m quite vain really (not that you would realise when you see me doing the school run in greasy hair and food stained leggings).

I bought a heated wax thingy and taught myself to wax. I have to take a painkiller before I do it but hey beauty is pain…

Then there’s my hair. I gave up spending £60 plus on what was a trim. So my mum has been cutting it. Let’s just hope that our lockdown is lessened to include family members – otherwise I might be tempted to cut it myself.

My highlights are a slightly different matter. The last time I did home highlights I was at sixth form college and my hair went green. Remember this mishap means I don’t feel so bad about leaving my roots for a while. I went onto Mumsnet the other day and saw a few discussions started by women with blonde highlights who were getting ‘desperate’ to cover their roots.  I just wanted to tell them to step away from the box dye. By the way my hair went peppermint green by the way and had to be cut off…

Oh and then there’s my feet and hands – not being able to have a manicure has never been an issue – I just don’t look at them.

Isolation, sschm-isolation.

  1. Limiting my alcohol intake to Friday and Saturday evenings. My husband doesn’t drink so it may be easier for me. If you can’t cut down entirely try Bucks Fizz, it gives you a kick but doesn’t give (me) a hangover. I can get through 3 bottles – and its only £2.99 in Waitrose (M&S do a good one)
  2. Exercise – I’ve been running every other day but getting a bit fed up with the looks I get. I feel like shouting ‘I’ve been running years and I always give people 2 metres space’. But then that would just make me look like a nutty runner.
  3. I’ve signed Master of Arts degree (starting this October) and I’m doing a course with the Talented Ladies Club I hope I manage to finish them…

I hope to be blogging about free courses and help for re-training in a future blog. I’m waiting to see what government might be available so more to follow.

I wish all readers a happy healthy weekend and week ahead. Stay safe xx




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