How to look (and feel) good in isolation

As the first week of the school closure starts to hit home.  Life after this lockdown is going to be interesting for those of us that survive Covid19 for sure.

My daughters’ school has given us plenty of school work – enough to keep us ticking over. No doubt we will be writing more about that as the weeks go by and I can see my children begging to do more school work as the excitement of being able to stay at home wears off.

Like most working women my routine normally involves a beauty routine, and also a working wardrobe.

I’m used to working from home but the last few months I’ve had to get my face on to go and work in an office – doing PR consultancy for an asset manager as well as writing shifts at the i paper (

My pared-down routine needed to go up a gear – although I’ll admit it was only because I have been sweating it out lovely spin/yoga/HIT studio Psycle in my lunch hour that I’ve been managing to fit in a blow dry and a full-face of make up.

Now I’m back to home working and the pared-down routine has made a return.

Now I didn’t like having to face the day with a brushed hair of hair but I am missing some of the comfort that dressing-up to face the day entails.

Looking good can come cheap

I’ve seen countless articles on home hair dye and a shocking plug in one national newspaper for expensive beauty equipment (£400 for a facial gadget anyone) that the writer may have bagged for free (why else would a journalist be writing about this – we don’t get paid that much).

Even those of us on decent incomes and mortgages to pay won’t be wanting to spend right now.

To dye or not

I only recently starting having bleach highlights again. I’m not too grey so I can take a 12 week break between visits (and with bleach – rather than a high lift tint that’s for the best as I’m growing my hair).

If you have a head of grey or rock a solid blond/dark look – I guess the only way is to order box dye from Boots. If you get desperate use a root powder or one of those wash-out sprays.

If I were still darker – I might be tempted to order from Daniel Field . I discovered his organic hair dye when it used to be sold in Boots. Now it’s only available online  – his walnut shade is so good (I used it for years and everyone thought I was a natural brunette). I’ve got friends with blonde hair who use his blonder shades as a colour enhancer but they won’t completely cover grey so not an option for those wanting complete camouflage.

One of my hairdresser friends also recommends those with grey hair try silver shampoo – trying to make grey hair look blonde can result in the ‘you’ve been in a room with smokers’ look.

Skipping a hair cut

My daughters and myself had our hair trimmed by my mum earlier this month but when the time comes we will be using L’Oreal Elvive’s ‘no cut cream’ and the sample sizes of Aveda’s split end repair I’ve been stashing away – the full price of the latter is £22, but it is good enough for me to consider buying it full price from Aveda.

When we get some spare time I’m also going to head to ghd’s Instagram feed…

Oh but if you don’t blow dry or heat style your hair then you may be able to put off a hair cut.

Saving face

As for facials, well the only thing you need to look after your skin is soap and an SPF, and to keep your body hydrated. I have a stash of Dermalogica and Jasons body and face wash to keep us going for now.

Life under Corona

  • Daily yoga and breathing – the kids are finally getting into Joe Wicks PE – The Body Coach
  • Keeping healthy – using up our frozen veg and having the odd take-away pizza.
  • Attempting to find work – as it looks like my main client is about to let me go.
  • Appreciating my family – my mum and stepfather, my father and stepmother are all well and in the UK.

Everything mentioned in this article has been paid for and there are no affiliate links.

If you want to learn more about Samantha -or you need a freelance journalist with news writing experience – please contact her below.






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