How I’m trying to be the best dressed this bank holiday

Nothing cheers me up more than finding a fashion bargain (as you might have noted from some of my previous posts). Even though I love clothes I try and be minimalist when it comes to shelling out on them.

My favourite shops at the moment are Oasis, Baukjen, Sweaty Betty, Reiss and Marks and Spencers. There’s also a lovely boutique in our local high street that I might make a special mention of at some point in the future.

When you work from home, as I do, most of the time, there is no need to have a wardrobe of investment pieces. When I left my staff editor job last year I had a pretty good clear out of things I had not worn. The only suits to remain in my wardrobe was a Hobbs (very vintage) Chanel-inspired jacket and sleeveless shift in a wool/cotton mix, a Monsoon check grey skirt and jacket with faux fur collar (I don’t wear fur) and a Next black wool suit – bought for £35 in the summer sale. The last item is lightweight wool.

You can’t beat the summer Next sale (always in July after my birthday) for work wear.

I kept most of my Alexa Chung M&S archive items, including a grey skirt, several pink ‘Harry’ pie crust shirts, a really cool green trench coat and some white trainers with the words ‘Yes’ on one and ‘No’ on the other.

All very well except last week I found out I needed to go into the city for a high powered meeting. My Next and Hobbs suit need some serious dry cleaning and the Monsoon suit is just too hot (the jacket doubles up as a coat even in cold weather).

So I had a look around and found a black wrap midi dress on the Oasis website. With a 20 per cent discount (which Oasis does on regular occasions) I got it for £30. It’s already been worn three times; and I haven’t even been to the meeting yet….

I’ve now got my eye on a few items in M&S limited editor and on the Boden website. However with a limited clothes budget I can but dream.


*I have never accepted clothes from any of the above retailers, all my purchases are made from my own pocket; first and foremost I’m a journalist not a blogger. Happy shopping.

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