Five beauty bargains to buy now

The sun has shown itself again today. So I’ve pulled myself away from my usual day-time gig to share some of my latest finds.

Family buy! You can’t avoid the need for sun cream right now! Especially as I have to slather my children in it every morning. Soltan from Boots is the branded sun cream of choice for my family. We used it on holiday in Tenerife last year –  my two daughters were out all day every day for 2 weeks and did not burn. So I’m guessing this stuff was the business. Now that we have to apply sun cream at the beginning of the school day the Soltan (£25) Once Family pack is a bargain. Boots is offering a free face cream with some Soltan products (15/05/18).

Luxury buy! I have used Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant for years. Best used after a steam or sweaty exercise session. It has mild fruit acids which make my skin a bit smoother, without irritation. After eeking out the last of a tube I bought a year I found that the website BeautyFlash is offering a spring skin revival kit containing a full size of cream exfoliant plus Dermalogica’s sleep cocoon, a skin hydrating masque and an SPF50 day cream, all for £49. You have to sign up for the box, which you get quarterly but you can cancel your subscription at any time. The previous box had a full size of the charcoal inspired super daily exfoliant, a very handy wash mit and a sample of Dermalogica’s spa inspried shower gel.

Foodie buy! I’m upping my protein intake on the advice of my hairdresser Edward (Edward James). He is advising clients who switch to a meat-free and dairy-free diet to look at their protein intake as he’s noticed those of us going vegan are more likely to have weaker hair. If like me you’ve subjected your body to childbirth and breastfeeding our hair is the first thing to suffer. I’m not great at eating lots of protein so when I saw Quaker Oats were doing a protein version of Oat So Simple I snapped a couple up. I’ve since bought them on full price £2.45 for eight packs (Sainsburys stock it) I’ve used the unsweetened version to make a carb-heavy omlette,  surprisingly tasty mushroom and spinach burgers and I’m about to use it in a mocha-flavoured protein shake for my lunch today. Hair grows slowly so I will have to report back on how effective this is!

Supermarket buy! Lacura glycolic pads from Aldi and a £2 L’Oreal Sublime Bronze spray tan from Sainsburys. Sainsburys is incorporating Argos outlets into some of its larger stores so to make room for extra stock many of the beauty lines are being offered at bargain prices. Worth checking out.


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