Making a decent cuppa – I mean how hard can it be?

Tea is one of life’s most simple pleasures. So long as it’s made properly.

Just to point out how much I like and drink tea, my family nickname is teabag…

Bad tea is a travesty, not least because it is so, so easy to make a good cup of tea.

I know whether someone likes me or not depending on whether I am given a weak, watery, poorly brewed cup, or a properly brewed one, with the option to add my own milk. That’s why most of my relatives (note the word most) leave me to finish off my tea.

They leave the teabag (or teabags as I make my own at home with two) in and let me add my milk.

Working from home means I have to appreciate those things that keep me on deadline. Forget coffee, it makes me too jittery (although I do love to have the odd americano), tea is THE thing. I can drink and drink and drink it.

Bad tea puts me in a bad mood. It could maybe have been PMT or it might be because I didn’t quite as much of my 8 hours as I needed but yesterday I realised just how much I hate a bad cup of tea.

I had decided to stop by at a high street coffee chain and order tea while I sent off some article pitches.  As the barista made my tea I tried to interrupt her as I could see a disaster about to happen; bad tea.

The first mistake she made was to not have the water boiled properly. I could see that the urn she was using had been in rest mode (don’t ask me how I know this but I do -the water wasn’t steaming so that gave it away also).

Then, she added the milk in while the water was poured in. AT THE SAME TIME! Of course the tea leaves hadn’t been put in hot enough water and then to make things worse the milk had stopped what was left of the tea leaves taste brewing in its tracks.

Okay I have physics ‘O’ level, it’s only a C but it does mark me out as being a bit geeky.

I need science qualifications to know how to make a cup of tea.

I told the lady she hadn’t made my tea properly and she offered to do it again, but it still tasted bad.

I have contacted the head office of the coffee shop chain in question but I’ve not heard anything back, telling a coffee shop how to make tea might be a quest to far, plus I’ve got better things to do, such as make my own tea and not bother going to coffee shops that serve me tea-flavoured water.

I’m a Catholic, we don’t do divorce (well we try not to) but if my husband makes me a bad cup of tea – well – I might have to consider my options.





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