Me and my dressing gown(s)….

Like many people my age, and possibly many people like me who write mainly from home, I have a large assortment of dressing gowns.

My most recent addition, is a white fluffy one I inherited from my step grandmother. She hadn’t worn it by the way, but was a kindred spirit as an avid hoarder of dressing gowns.

My collection includes a Marks and Spencer shaggy dressing gown, chosen by my oldest daughter (so she can wear it). She tells me makes me look like a sheep ‘but in a good way mummy’.

I have a bright pink Florence & Fred creation which is particularly favoured because the tie is sewn in , one of my bugbears is trying to match my dressing gowns with their matching ties!

Then there is the (once) mint green one from the Oasis ‘Oasis at Home’ range (it’s quite old). Then I have my summer collection which consists of a Next wrap with grey flower print and one from La Senza.

In fact the one from LA Senza nearly went up in flames during a cooking incident when I shared a house with my then boyfriend (now husband). I was cooking when wearing this dressing gown , and another of Andrew’s dressing gowns over the top, when I caught light to myself.

Our house (it was a huge three story Clapham house before it became fashionable to live there) was also shared by three other young men. One of them, Mark, had to take off both Andrew’s and my dressing gown off me; leaving me wearing underwear in the middle of the kitchen, so I didn’t go up in flames myself! That was in 1998 and I’m more careful now….

In this collection are also several onesies. One is a leopard print bought by my husband to cheer me up when I had never-ending morning sickness (my second pregnancy), and a sponsored grey thing with a hood that has my name on. I don’t wear the grey one much because it is footless.  There are a couple of older dressing gowns that I can’t remember.

But then I have forgotten my husband’s, bought by myself as ‘presents’ (a present in the same thinking as the DAB radio I bought him but now use myself mainly).

Both are dark blue, both fluffy both reassuringly high street –  John Lewis and Marks and Spencer – and because my husband is 6ft 1inch to my 5ft 7inch – reassuringly huge…

Oh and let’s not forget the dressing gowns that are kept for me at my parent-in-law’s huge Somerset farmhouse (which is currently up for sale if anyone is interested; we would buy but we can’t!) – white ones that have seen a better life, but are all the more comfy when they are worn in.

I love my dressing gowns. Even when I worked in the city of London I would get home take my suit off and put on a dressing gown.

In fact I would even wear my dressing gown on the morning commute.  I mostly got the 6.06 am or 6.36 am train, so /i was able to smuggle on – underneath my coat, in the depths of winter, and spring and summer and autumn…

I did get a few funny looks and laughs from my fellow spin-class attendees as I changed for my 7.15 am class, because underneath my dressing gown would be my pjyama top.

If I could wear a dressing gown all day every day I would.

I love my clothes, and if you met me you wouldn’t think me a scruff… I do also have quite a line in gym gear but I won’t bore anyone with that right now; the mums who see me at the school drop off and pick up really don’t want to know any more!

My first week as a freelancer – who is admittedly looking for a full time job and or going to set up her company – has been a rollercoaster one, but nothing that putting on my dressing gown (along with a cup of tea and a dark chocolate Hob Nob) won’t make better.







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