Why there’s no such thing as ‘me’ time

Once you become a parent, is it ever possible to enjoy anything – that doesn’t involve children – again?

Today my husband and daughters decamped from our Stansted terrace to the wilds of Somerset, leaving me behind. But instead of feeling liberated (as I do enjoy my job) I feel deflated. Once you become a parent, is it ever possible to enjoy anything – that doesn’t involve children – again?

Yes, it’s now almost slap bang in the middle of the school summer holidays and the lure of some free childcare, courtesy of the grandparents, is not to be dismissed. Certainly not for 10 days. So my husband has taken Whizzy (the four-year-old) and Ginny (the 8 and a half year old) to his parent’s farmhouse in the country.

Almost as soon as I said goodbye to them this morning a hard lump of sadness started forming in my throat. I have the distraction of work, after all I’ve had to stay behind to carry on commuting into the city, and it’s not like I won’t be seeing them again very soon; I’ve reminded myself several times that I travelling down to see them on Friday (and returning nice and early for work) on Sunday.

I’m hoping writing this blog will bring about some catharsis; I am hoping to type a bit of sense into myself.

So far I’ve come up with the following ‘plus’ points of not having my family around:

  • I can watch the episodes of Holby City I’ve missed – on the TV.
  • I can make my ‘silly’ food – that’s for another blog.
  • I can go to a yoga class after work.
  • I can get up and do a DVD yoga class in the lounge without having to do battle against Tiny Pop.
  • I can write more blogs and update my Instagram feed a bit more.

Then there are a few minus points:

  • Our house feels empty.
  • I will have to do the housework.
  • I must remember to feed the fish.
  • I will have to

The thing is – no matter how much I tell myself, doing things on my own, no longer holds the pleasure it once did. In fact when I read or hear the words ‘me’ time I often want to shout – there is no such thing.

Once you have had children they are with you every waking moment, they are in your thoughts nearly all the time; the only time they are not in mine is the last track at the end of my gym’s spin class – when I can barely breathe and my muscles are in oxygen starvation.

So how can I make the most of the next few days. Well the only thing that stops me enjoying being with my family is probably tiredness.

So I guess yes there is one very big plus point, the more sleep I get the next few days, the more I will enjoy being with the people I love when I see them.

Me time = rebranded as sleep time. That’s more like it.

















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